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Just practicing my right to freedom of speech

I know that it’s redundant and I’m begining to sound like a broken record, but I’m going to say it anyway. I’m an Agnostic – Atheist, because I’m not completely dismissing the possiblity of having a creator but I also don’t care. I’m Agnostic, but leaning more into Atheism. What I do know, is that all the deities ever created are just myths and were fashioned to one’s image and likeness, and was used for personal advantage. And I also know, that no mortal can ever, EVER claim divinity.

However, since a lot of people seem to have lots of problems with the term, like as though it’s going to have an impact on the country’s economy if I don’t come up with another, I tell people that I’m an Atheist, instead. I’m also militant because I’m crazy enough to think that I can change the world. I mean, seriously, who wouldn’t be so appalled at all the nonsense brought about by tolerating all the bullsh*t that comes with religion? Dogma? Infallibity? Homophobia? Pedophillia? Honor killings? Forced marriages of girls as young as 9 years old to adult men? It’s so revolting, that if there’s a “G”od, I believe that he’d reward me with a “business class” ticket to the pearly gates for speaking up against all these evil.

I’ve been inactive in church for a very long time but I never told anyone that I was Deist for fear of being alienated in my family and in my circle of friends. I’ve already known that religion is being used to gain wealth and influence. So, in October, 2010, I decided to come out and say that I was no longer a Catholic. And almost immediately, I received a barrage of negative comments and private messages about me, being disrespectful to other people’s feelings. They all said that I should have just kept it to myself, because it seemed that I was even proud of it. Some even said that my soul was at the gates of hell for denying Christ.

I became a religious non-believer in December, 2010, thereby making me a baby Atheist. I came out of the closet about a month ago, and now people don’t even want to talk to me. My birthday came and went, and only a handful of my friends greeted me on my birthday. I was so hurt that I wrote a blog to explain myself, and was anxious at how people will react to it. But I’m so happy that there are still some of my friends who do care about me, and they don’t give a flying frog about my unbelief, and I love them for that. [Gay, Arps, Paolo – Wuvs youwwww >=))]

I share a Facebook page with my fellow militant Atheists and Agnostics, and it’s called: “The Atheist Freedom Wall”. It was formerly known as “People Who Use God To Explain The Unknown Are Stupid” and was made as a troll page so I could avenge myself from those really rude anti-RH Bill supporters whom we call “Katolitrolls” and “Katoliclowns”. We tagged the “100% Katolikong Pinoy!”, “I Oppose The RH Bill” and “Anti RH Bill” pages with links about the abuses and inconsistencies with their religion. We didn’t use profanity and insults, save for the name of the page, of course. But we were very careful and kept it clean. I must admit, that I enjoyed it at first. But things escalated and turned ugly, I used profanity and became the monster that I so detest. I started a fight on one of our victim pages and that cost me my beloved, original Facebook profile. Well, yeah. That’s the price for being stupid, I know. I should have just gone to the police to report all the hate mails that I received, instead of dealing with it by myself.

About a week after I lost my Facebook profile, I was bugged by my conscience because the name “People Who Use God To Explain The Unknown Are Stupid”, no matter how truthful it may be, is still a very harsh generalization. So I changed it to it’s current name. Of course there were people who protested and said that they liked the former name more, but I was determined and I was supported by one of my co-admins. She said that she liked it for being more diplomatic.

We stopped being troll-like and are now tackling inconsistencies and abuses in religion. But there are people that are still unhappy with it and it’s kind of odd that they trolled our page right after we cleaned it up. We keep on telling them that we have the right to free speech. But I guess they’d never be happy because our mere existence irks the daylights out of them. They keep on saying that we’re offending their feelings for creating a page where Atheists and Agnostics can all have a chat about things that interest us. They keep on saying that real Atheists are the ones who keep things to themselves and NEO – Atheists (one person so loves to use all-caps when typing neo, and I kind of imagine him having red flaired-up nostrils, the size of a peso coin whenever he types his favorite word) are the ones who openly tell the world that there isn’t a god. They keep on saying that Atheists are rational, and that we, NEO – Atheists aren’t.

Well, I take that as a compliment. Because if religion has truth in it, it wouldn’t be threatened by us. In fact, it would make us all look utterly stupid for attacking it.

Me and my team tackle issues, and not people. It’s not like we’re taking stolen shots of other people’s conversations so we can make fun of them and utter ritual insults while dancing around a sacred pole or something. @_@

What I’m trying to say, quite inarticulately, is that we all have the right to practice freedom of speech but there’s a line that we shouldn’t cross and really below-the-belt insults and threatening aren’t part of this right.  I can ignore you, the *righteous* Invisible Fetus Freaks who oppose the Reproductive Health Bill and who so love to hate Atheists even on their own pages, that you even made a page just to mock us Filipino Atheists, just as long as you don’t resort to cyber harassment.

So, as  my parting words for our beloved and really cutey-cute-cute haters, is “please, save yourselves from having red flaired-up nostrils, high blood pressure, locked jaws and lots of wrinkles and just ignore us”. The Atheist Freedom Wall’s purpose is for us, Atheists and Agnostics to unite and to voice out our opinions about religion. It was also made so that they would refrain from posting profanities and insults in religious pages. It’s not different from other pages, really. In some pages, people post stuff that don’t make sense like miracles and all. Some even post anti-Atheism posts but we don’t get offended by it. So why should you be offended if we criticize inconsistencies in your holy book and abuses by your clergy? Peace.

Author’s note: this essay was published on Tuesday, 22 February 2011 at 06:20 on my facebook profile and on a group I was once a founder of (TAFW).

About pinayateista

I'm no Maria Clara. I'm a Gabriela Silang. I'm an activist and my choice of weapons are my thoughts, my creativity and my keyboard. I hate censorship and I value freedom of speech. I use expletives in my articles most especially, when I'm talking about something disgusting: like corruption, sexual abuse, etc. That's my style and I won't apologize for it and neither will I force people to follow my lead. But even so, I know which lines not to cross. =D


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