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Lessons from 9/11

I remember that fateful day. I was in my Accounting 101 class when the news broke out. Two planes crashed in the two towers of the World Trade Center. It didn’t really hit me until I got home and watched the news about it. Terror engulfed me and I thought, if this happened to them, it can happen to us as well since we also had a series of terrorist attacks by radical Filipino Muslims.

I thought ALL Muslims are just heartless. EVIL.

It’s been 10 years since that tragedy. The battle for secularism is even more fierce. In Europe, the US and in the Philippines, people are no longer afraid to go after big religious institutions and to fight for separation of church and state. That’s understandable because in certain countries, there are people who are determined to implement Shari’ah law and they believe it is their god-given duty to convert everyone to Islam. And they will stop at NOTHING.

Of course it’s easy to pass judgment and say that ALL worshipers of Allah are deluded and inconsiderate. But the drama queen Christians and the rabid Catholics are just as bad. Sure, they don’t fly planes into office buildings, but they are moral supremacists, emotional terrorists and are inconsiderate to the beliefs of other religious denominations. And I don’t believe that they don’t have the desire to convert everyone to Catholicism/Christianity.

It’s been 10 years. What have we learned from the 9/11 attack?

I became aware of the world issues only just recently and to my mind, I really thought that wiping out religion from the face of the Earth is the answer. But after giving it much thought, I realized that it’s not religion that’s bad. The problem is man’s insatiable apetite for power and to rule or to get ahead of (if not to annihilate) the competition. Religion is just a vehicle.

I don’t have a religion and I do find superstition laughable. Like most Filipino Freethinkers, I am not a bigot nor am I inconsiderate but it’s not easy to be nice when dealing with a pack of wolves in sheep’s clothing. I don’t condone the terrorist acts but I somehow understand them now. Everything is part of a chain reaction. We only saw one part of it and that’s the fall of the twin towers. And most theists in our country only see that Atheists are coming out of the open due to the RH Bill and that we’re being anti-Catholics. Far from it. We’ve long endured the bullying of the friars and we’ve had enough bullshit to last a millenia.

What am I driving at? Simple. This cycle of war and bloodshed won’t stop until we all learn to share this blue planet and to co-exist with people whose beliefs are different from ours.

Not all Muslims are intolerant. Christians are not oppressed. Atheism is not the only answer. Critical thinking should be taught. Secularism should be given a chance. The moral supremacist and emotional terrorist CBCP should be taxed.

About pinayateista

I'm no Maria Clara. I'm a Gabriela Silang. I'm an activist and my choice of weapons are my thoughts, my creativity and my keyboard. I hate censorship and I value freedom of speech. I use expletives in my articles most especially, when I'm talking about something disgusting: like corruption, sexual abuse, etc. That's my style and I won't apologize for it and neither will I force people to follow my lead. But even so, I know which lines not to cross. =D


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