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Rantings of an Atheist

It really annoys me that most theists expect me to be somewhat an “expert” in religion just because I’m an unbeliever. Sure, I could study about all the religions of the world, and maybe I can participate in Theist vs Atheist debates. But I choose not to. I have the option to choose what I want to talk about. I choose politics and current events.

Talks about religion bore me to death. As in. Time will come that we’ll all be dead and priests and bishops still need to cry foul and jump to DEFENSIVE MODE every time they get butthurt and when their religion which claims to hold UNIVERSAL TRUTHS is being attacked.

“G”od’s still an assumed being and an imaginary friend to the believers.

Heaven will remain as a real estate in the non-existent afterlife that people are made to believe they can acquire if they invest on it by SUBSCRIBING TO A PARTICULAR RELIGION. No two religions are the same. They all need to market their shit by saying that theirs is the best piece of afterlife real estate and the competitors have bad air-conditioning.

About pinayateista

I'm no Maria Clara. I'm a Gabriela Silang. I'm an activist and my choice of weapons are my thoughts, my creativity and my keyboard. I hate censorship and I value freedom of speech. I use expletives in my articles most especially, when I'm talking about something disgusting: like corruption, sexual abuse, etc. That's my style and I won't apologize for it and neither will I force people to follow my lead. But even so, I know which lines not to cross. =D


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