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Articles Published When I Was Still In TAFW

We can cleanse the world with holy water!

Just this afternoon, while I was walking my baby toy dog Yuki, something crossed my mind. If the condom is evil, then certainly, there must be a way to cleanse it right? So maybe, we can have ‘em blessed by sprinkling holy water on them. And just to be 100% sure, let’s use the garden spritz so we’ll be sure that nothing’s missed. Not even a tiny spot the size of a pin head. The same goes with the oral contraceptives. Maybe the miraculous water can be taken along with the pills. . . and then it hit me…

We can cleanse the world with holy water!

We can supply the whole world with purified holy water. Imagine, the people can drink totally bacteria and Satan-free water. And if the people are being pestered by ghosts in their houses, they can mop their floors with holy water and the ghosts won’t even get to step in the house. We can also make a holy swimming pool. It’s so holy, people would be able to walk on water. We can make a lot of stuff with it too. We can make holy lemonades for the faithful. They can call people names and when they drink it, they’d be cleansed. This is fabulous!

About pinayateista

I'm no Maria Clara. I'm a Gabriela Silang. I'm an activist and my choice of weapons are my thoughts, my creativity and my keyboard. I hate censorship and I value freedom of speech. I use expletives in my articles most especially, when I'm talking about something disgusting: like corruption, sexual abuse, etc. That's my style and I won't apologize for it and neither will I force people to follow my lead. But even so, I know which lines not to cross. =D


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