Message to Parents

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Dear parents,

Please be aware that escalators can harm your children.

My friend Paolo told me that he along with his mother and two sisters once witnessed an incident like this in one of the biggest malls in Quezon City about seven to eight years ago . He said a kid (about 7-8 years old) was with her “yaya” (personal maid) and they were ascending from the second floor to the third floor when her foot got chopped off.

He said that it happened so fast. More like a second. He heard a loud snapping sound and the yaya suddenly became agitated. The kid was in shock and wasn’t able to cry. The foot got chopped off by the ankle. He can’t remember if there was blood. But the kid lost her foot. Paolo said one of his sisters was so shocked by the incident she couldn’t talk on their way home, for nearly an hour…

So please, parents, if you gotta use the escalator, please keep an eye on your children. If there’s a staircase, why not use that instead? It’s safer and not to mention, healthier. 🙂


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