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Why is anyone still Catholic?

Here are a few additional thoughts to the article: Why Is Anyone Still Catholic? If this is the first time that you’ve read an article like this which exposes the corrupt acts of the Roman Catholic Church, what I’m about to say next may shock you. Because aside from what the author mentioned in her article and … Continue reading

“Pilipinas ‘kay Panghe” (Stinky Philippines)

Welcome to the Philippines, a prime tourist destination — well, that’s according to our uber patriotic and proud Filipino brothers and sisters who seem oblivious of the fact that we have a lot to improve before we can consider our country as such. And honestly, I don’t think we have much to be proud of … Continue reading

Robertson says: “if you can’t pay your mortgage, keep tithing.”

I saw this disturbing video floating around my Facebook news feed. This is a clip from the Christian TV program “The 700 Club” headed by Pat Robertson. The question came from a woman named Melissa and her query was: ” Our family is struggling financially. We cannot pay our mortgage and now it’s getting to the … Continue reading