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Happy Mother’s Day Mum

Though you are perceived as just a dispensable baby-making machine and an unintelligent subordinate by the misogynist religions such as Catholicism, Christianity, Judaism, Mormonism and Islam, pay no heed to whatever they say. Advertisements

Thoughts on the art exhibit fiasco

I often read posts of theists who say that insulting their religion is like insulting one’s mother. The “Kulo” Go! art exhibit fiasco is no exemption. Okay, I think before they draw out their verbal projectiles to annihilate anyone who disagrees with them, that they should put into consideration that Mideo is an Atheist and … Continue reading

Lessons from 9/11

I remember that fateful day. I was in my Accounting 101 class when the news broke out. Two planes crashed in the two towers of the World Trade Center. It didn’t really hit me until I got home and watched the news about it. Terror engulfed me and I thought, if this happened to them, … Continue reading